Pic: Donna the Domme & Fred from Finance at the Wrek The Halls Fundraiser (photo: Robyn Dewhurst)


We run various social events that are open to anyone who feels the space is for them.

Coffee evening

A staple of our programme quickly became a monthly coffee evening at Flamingos Coffee House. Our coffee evening has a warm and friendly atmosphere for both regulars and newcomers alike. Sometimes just being in a room with other non-binary people is just what we need to help us through, espcially in a sober space when much of the LGBT+ community can be very alcohol focused.

If you’d like to come to the coffee evening, get in touch with us using the details below and we’ll let you know when it is.

Queer Karaoke

Queer Karaoke has been a trans-led event happening in Leeds since 2017. After Leeds LGBT+ Pride 2018 when we ran it at Live Art Bistro it became in high demand and became a monthly night at Wharf Chambers. We also cook a large stew so that anyone who attends can have a free meal. Queer Karaoke is currently taking a break in our programme, but we’re sure it will be back with a bang soon enough!

International Non-Binary Day

International Non-Binary Day (INBD) started in 2012. It is held on 14th July as it is halfway between International Women’s Day and International Men’s Day.

We have celebrated this day since Non-Binary Leeds began 2016. Our biggest event to date was in 2019 when Leeds City Museum hosted us for a series of talks, a craft afternoon and general socialising.

Speakers included Cllr Hannah Bithell who is not only LGBT+ Champion for Leeds City Council but also the specific Non-Binary Champion, Dr Kit Heyam who is a non-binary trans historian, and Leo Adams who managed our non-binary history zine project.

Past events

Planetary Dysphoria Blues, 8 March 2020

Poster advertising Planetary Dysphoria Blues at Wharf Chambers

Planetary Dysphoria Blues was a collaborative event between Non-Binary Leeds and Extinction Rebellion Leeds about how the climate crisis is affecting the trans community.

The event was a space for members of the trans community to discuss their climate grief, how climate activism can be more inclusive of trans people as well as how we can make our local trans community more sustainable.

Video of the event by Olivia Thomas