Pic: Flamingos Coffee House generously donating to our solidarity fund


Non-Binary Leeds offers support to the non-binary community in Leeds in various ways.

Support group

Our monthly support sessions are a mix of free chats, conversations around specific topics. Since COVID, we have been meeting online via Discord.

We all remember wondering if we were ‘non-binary enough’ or ‘trans enough’ and those feelings are totally normal! Non-Binary Leeds is here for anyone who feels they are or might be non-binary. We are a mixture of ages and backgrounds, and we’re not here to gatekeep - if you feel you are or might be non-binary then the space is yours.

Our support session happens at the same time and place every month. If you’d like to come along get in touch using the contact details at the bottom of the page and we’ll let you know where and when!

Peer support

We can offer support with a range of experiences from deed polls to dealing with banks and other organisations and also navigating non-binary and trans healthcare. We can offer informal support with these and more as well as being a support network of people with similar experiences.


Non-Binary Leeds have also supported our local non-binary and trans community by creating a solidarity fund to help cover costs of rent, food, bills, medication, transport and other costs for those in need, as well as a food drives and worked with groups like AgeOfThe. drag collective on fundraisers.

We have even run numerous successful clothes exchanges, open to the whole trans community, where people have been able to exchange clothes and other transition related items like binders, that better fit their gender and presentation.

Community wellbeing

At Non-Binary Leeds we are also concerned with community sustainablility as well as mental and physical wellbeing. We are currently working with local allotment owners to grow vegetables and herbs as part of an ongoing process of sustaining our own local community, especially those in our community who are in greatest need.

Policies and procedures